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Your life path is laid out from the moment that you're born! Your personal birth chart gives you the roadmap, the toolkit and the inner resources that you need to build the life of your dreams. This is where your potential is described, the times that you will face challenges, prosper and consolidate your progress are revealed, and your true emotional needs and gifts are hidden for you to discover and explore. Don't wait a moment longer to learn more about yourself - you're already heading towards your destiny, and you will get there faster and with less effort by knowing where on the cycle of development you are right now. Your yearly timeline report will keep you on top of the most favourable and challenging times of the year, and help you make the best life decisions. Enhance your chances of success and happiness; book your reading now.


Are you meant to be together forever? Or are you only soulmates for a special purpose? Do you have a soulmate connection or destiny? Can you turn your relationship into a soulmate union? Can you be happy if you don't have a soulmate? How can you fix a relationship that's more of a battleground than a garden of love? There are solutions for all your relationship problems! With the guidance of my 40 years' experience in relationship counselling I can help you and your partner to turn things around so that together you can create the harmonious and happy relationship you both know you deserve.


Tarot cards offer so much insight and perspective on every kind of problem situation that it’s almost guaranteed a reading will give you greater insight into the scope and potential development of anything that’s on your mind. The cards point out what we can think about while we gather information about the potential outcome of any decision or course of action. Amazingly, tarot often confirms out intuitive feelings about a situation or person, affirming that we are far wiser than we think we are and do know what the right course of action really is.

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All Readings will be done via Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime.

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